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Stage Curtains

Our stage curtains are locally made by us and installed by our own fully trained and insured technicians, guaranteeing quality craftsmanship from creation to installation. We offer a comprehensive range of premium curtains tailored for theaters, schools, universities, churches, and convention centers. With a commitment to quality, durability, and style, we can help transform your stage.

    Stage Curtain Materials for Theater

    Product Features

    • Travelers, Borders, Cycloramas and Backdrop Curtains
    • Manual and Motorization options available
    rigging assembly for a custom school curtain

    Rigging Options

    Stage Curtain Fabrics


    • Prestige heavy weight IFR velour
    • Encore medium weight IFR velour
    • Prism medium and light weight IFR velour
    • And many more

    *(IFR) Inherently Flame Retardant*

    Cleaning Instructions

    Stage Curtain Fabrics

    Areas We Serve

    • Primary and Secondary Schools
    • Universities
    • Churches
    • Convention Centers
    • Theaters

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