Drapery Industries’ Project Gallery


Interfaith Chapel | Conference Area | River Campus

Here we manufactured and installed Ripplefold curtains made out of sheer material to the conference area of the Interfaith Chapel on River Campus.

Schlegel Hall Rotunda

We manufactured and installed 20’ Ripplefold Draperies made from Acoustical Sheer material.  Our customer was looking to dress up the space, while simultaneously adding finishes that would help with sound control within the space.


Our customer wanted a privacy curtain with a sleek design and innovative solution: a privacy curtain featuring powder-coated black hardware and a track designed to seamlessly blend into black painted ceilings. Our Flex-i-trac technology ensures adaptability, allowing for bends in the track, ensuring a perfect fit for this space. 

Hoag Library

Our customer wanted to prioritize comfort and lighting preferences with our dual manual shades, offering flexibility between gentle light filtering and complete blackout options. Designed with convenience in mind, our shades come with a crisp white fascia, seamlessly integrating into any space while providing optimal light control.

Nativity Preparatory Academy / Manual Roller Shades

Nativity Prep is a true jewel of our city located on Whalen Street in the City’s South Wedge. Recently we were able to help them solve their glare issues with our blueshade® brand roller shades.
Visit Nativity Prep if you would like to learn more

Bill Gray’s Tap Room in Chili, NY  / Manual Roller Shades

The Bill Grays Tap Room project consisted of our blueshade® CM Architectural series shades that can handle mid-size to large openings. Our Deco Screen 3% fabric provided light control in the tap room while still having a view to the patio. The final touch of our bronze fascia gave a seamless appearance into the window frame.

Temple Beth El / Custom Draperies

This project comprised dual split-draw ripplefold draperies hung on custom curved track. The draperies were approximately 19’ tall. The exterior drapery fabric is Marvel, Color: Navy by DL Couch (described as a “beautiful silk-like solid” per textile mill’s website). The interior drapery fabric was an off-white sheer – Sandalwood, Color: Swan by Fabricut Contract. The dual draperies are used to cover the ark, where the Torah scrolls are kept. We also installed our CM Architectural shades and HD shades with springs assists in other areas of the temple, although we don’t have photos of that work.

Aurora Central School District / Stage Curtain Project

We like to refer to this project as the “Little Stage that Could” because this was a small stage but as you will see from the photo the stage looks rather large and has a tremendous amount of depth. This was achieved based on the material and color selections as well as the curtain lay-out. View additional images.

Learn More about our stage curtains.

Riverwood Tech Campus / Manual shades and D/C Motorized Shades

Community Bank Investments Syracuse, NY

Last week we completed this project involving new blueshade® brand roller shades for an executive office for Community Savings Bank.
We used our T-screen Kool Black material which provides additional heat protection over standard T-screen material and finished the shades with the sleek look of anodized aluminum fascia covers. Our customer was very happy with the finished result.

Women’s Rights Museum in Seneca Falls
Custom Drapes

Recently we provided new draperies and tracks to cover a projection screen at the Women’s Rights Museum. The draperies are operated by means of a hand traverse system. In addition, the draperies improved the acoustics in the room.

The Jewish Home of Rochester
Multi-year Expansion

The Jewish Home is in the middle of a multi-year, multi-building expansion and renovation. Our role has been to provide window treatments, shower curtains, and cubicle curtains for the hundreds of rooms in the project. This is a photo of an executive meeting room with our blueshade® brand roller shades and decorative drapery side panels.

St. Leo’s Church Custom Shades Project

St Leo’s in Amherst recently built a distance learning center. The architect wanted a window treatment solution that cuts the glare but still provides a view to the outside. Our solution was a roller shade system that incorporated a tight weave E-screen 1% in a dark color – a perfect application.

Roller Shades and Privacy Cubicle Curtains at Strong Hospital  Renal Dialysis Center

In many ways this was a typical project until it was discovered that a number of roller shades were not included in the contract and the unit was opening in less than a week! No problem, because we manufacture our products in house, the shades were made and installed and the unit opened right on time.
(And of course, the Snap Cubicle curtains work great too!)

Custom Shades Project at RGH Twigs Gift Shop

Rochester General Hospital is shifting around a number of offices and operations as they undergo a major expansion. When the Twig Gift Shop was relocated, Drapery Industries was able to quickly make and install roller shades to provide the privacy they needed.

Loft in Rochester NY | Custom Shades Project

Our customer wanted an automated window treatment solution. blueshade® Designer Series roller shades
coupled with our Automate motor system were the perfect solution.