About Us

Drapery Industries has been serving customers throughout western and central New York since 1966. With more than a half century of experience, we have come to understand our customers’ needs extremely well. And because we manufacture and install almost every product we sell; we control the whole process – from quality manufacturing right through to final installation.

In the course of our work, we have ideals that we strive to live by. These core values are integrity, service, collaboration, and creativity. Each is important in its own right but it all starts with integrity – doing what we say we’re going to do. With this as our foundation, our other values can more easily find their expression.

And because they are central to who we are and how we do business, these ideals find their way into every one of our projects.

Sometimes our customers have a tight timeline or may need to open their building very quickly. Because we are the manufacturer, we control the process to meet the most demanding schedules. It is not unusual for us to measure, make and install a few hundred shades in two weeks’ time. And it is deeply gratifying to be able to meet or exceed our customers’ expectations – to do what we say we are going to do. This is just one reason that our blueshade® roller shades are an industry standard. Our shades are durable, serviceable, and beautiful too. We have installed them in schools, banks, offices, apartments, and healthcare facilities throughout western and central New York.

We’ve collaborated with hospitals to create a new, more effective cubicle curtain management system. By carefully listening to their needs and putting our creative team to work, we have developed a modular curtain system that supports easy laundering and simplified inventory management.

Our custom-made stage curtains can be found in many area schools and theaters. Sometimes a school wants to highlight their school logo. This is just one of those little extras that we can provide that makes a finished curtain truly special.

And we are happy to share our wealth of knowledge with the Architectural and Design community to assist them with product information including, specifications, drawings, and mock-ups.

Whether it is one curtain or a thousand shades, we provide our customers with the highest level of service. Your order will be handled from start to finish by one of our professional project managers and it will be installed by our expert team of highly skilled and courteous installers.