Highest Quality Health Care Curtains

Drapery Industries serves our healthcare customers in a variety of ways.  Our products have been designed to help you better serve your patients, and fight the spread of infectious disease.  

The custom goods we provide specifically for healthcare include, but are not limited to:

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The disposable cubicle curtain that’s easy to change out and inexpensive to use.

  • Two curtain material options
    • Non-woven polyester for the look and feel of fabric.
    • Vinyl coated for wet environments or when cleaning with phenolic or quaternary type disinfectants.
  • Infection control
    Both materials are antimicrobial. And at a fraction of the cost of a decorative cubicle fabric, Qwik Curtains are designed to be replaced frequently.
  • Locally made… and cost effective
    We’re the manufacturer – so you’re buying direct, and cutting out the middle man.
  • Easy change-out
    Our two-part system allows the mesh header to remain hanging. When you are finished with the panel, simply unsnap it and replace it with a new one – no ladder needed!
  • There when you need it
    We stock both materials which allows us to fill your order quickly.

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