Recently we were contracted by the East Aurora School District to provide a complete stage makeover – tracks, supports and stage curtains. Unlike other stage projects where we simply hang new curtains on existing tracks, this project required that we identify the correct hardware and locate the proper fastening points to provide for a secure installation. The project was completed in slightly less than a week.

We like to refer to this project as the “Little Stage that Could” because this was a small stage but as you will see from the photo below the stage looks rather large and has a tremendous amount of depth. This was achieved based on the material and color selections as well as the curtain lay-out. 

The East Aurora Middle School stage – one of our installer/technicians “hamming it up” on stage.

The Front Travelers were made from KM Prestige 25 oz inherently flame retardant fabric in color Blue.

All other curtains we made from Prism 22 oz inherently flame retardant fabric in color Black.

ADC Besteel Model #170 track was used on a total of 4 sets of travelers – front, rear and side.