We are frequently asked by our customers how to clean and maintain their new stage curtains. We tell them the first thing to remember is that in order to maintain the stage curtains you must always keep the stage tracks and rigging in good working order. If this is not done, not only the tracks are in jeopardy but the curtains themselves can be damaged or wear prematurely.

Beyond this, curtains should be kept free from dust. Since dust is highly flameable the curtains themselves may become flameable if too much dust becomes impregnated in the nap. To prevent this from happening stage curtains should be brushed down or vacuumed twice a year.

Our three most popular fabrics are Prism, Encore and Prestige. While all three are made from inherently flame retardant polyvelour each are given cleaning instructions specific to the fabric mills from which they come. Prism and Encore can be spot cleaned and even laundered (if the curtain is small enough). Dry cleaning is the only process recommended for Prestige.

View more information on stage curtain cleaning under the Cleaning and Care information on our website.
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