In early 2020 Drapery Industries was awarded the contract to provide all cubicle curtains, shower curtains, exterior roller shades and operating room Lite-Tight shades for the new Critical Care Center at Rochester General Hospital. Because of the strict project schedule as well as the pandemic, the project posed several significant challenges.



The project required very specific completion dates for each floor, so that the floors could be opened on time. To meet this challenge, we purchased all of the fabrics and materials well ahead of the required delivery dates. Using our in-house production, we set our schedule to meet the necessary dates. Our system worked so well that we were able to complete the work ahead of schedule to accommodate the surge in COVID patients.




The SnapCubicle II™ Cubicle Curtain System was used throughout the new facility along with our SafeGrip™ control wand. There are several advantages to this product. First, our SnapCubicle II can accommodate multiple ceiling heights by using a variety of mesh heights (the curtain panel height is always the same). Additionally, because of its modular design we were able to standardize on only 2 curtain panel widths for the entire project. This makes changing out curtains incredibly easy. Finally, the project included an extra 25% stock, which allows for an entire floor to be laundered all at once.

Exterior Roller Shades

Our own blueshade® Brand Manual Shades were used for all of the exterior window treatments. We worked closely with the framing company, who installed ceiling pockets to house of our shades. This design is ideal because when the shades are in the “up” position, they retract entirely into the ceiling making for an aesthetically pleasing finished look.

Operating Room Lite-Tight Shades

Operating Rooms often require more privacy and light control, which is why our Lite-Tight product worked so well for the interior windows and doors in this area. Because of the side channels installed on each of these (a “U” shaped piece of aluminum), no light can penetrate when these shades are in the “down” position. This allows for optimal privacy and light control.

Project by the Numbers:

  • Seven stories 312,000 sq ft
  • 390 sets of SnapCubicle II ™ curtains , 3390 ft of track
  • 140 SnapShower Curtains
  • 288 Exterior Roller Shades, 68 OR Light Tight Shades