SafeGrip Wand

hospital snap cubicle curtain

SafeGrip™ Wands

An important tool in the fight against infectious bacteria.

Our SafeGrip™ Wand is designed to work in conjunction with our SnapCubicle™ curtain system.
Together, they provide an effective system to control the spread six known pathogens –including MRSA and VRE. While SnapCubicle allows for easy curtain laundering, SafeGrip™.
Wands provide an antibacterial touch surface by which to open and close the curtain.

  • Features CuVerro® antimicrobial bactericidal copper surface that kills six known
  • It offers continuous protection, killing 99% of the pathogens within 2 hours.
  • Attaches easily to the curtain mesh header by use of our gator clips.