We spent a good part of our Summer this year working on the new Schottland YMCA, located in Pittsford, NY. It was a note-worthy project for us, because it is the largest YMCA facility in the Greater Rochester Area, and was met with much anticipation by the surrounding community.

In facilities such as these, there are many types of spaces that require light control, including a medical
office, spinning studio, track and gymnasiums, childcare areas, a daycare, and general equipment areas. We have to be prepared to accommodate all of these areas with a variety of products and materials, some of which included motorization.

Windows and window treatments may seem like an unimportant area of focus, though they are an integral part of the overall aesthetics and performance of a building. No one wants to be running on a treadmill or taking a spinning class with the sun in their eyes!

We were thrilled to see the building open to the public at the end of September and feel very lucky to have been involved.