Manual Shades SD




Our blueshade® standard duty (SD) series manually controlled shade products are designed to handle a variety of shade sizes. For small to mid-sizes windows with shades sizes up to 60″W x 60″L, The SD 10 is the right choice. For windows up to 85″W x 85″L the SD15 will get the job done. And for extra large shades up to 110″W x 110″L our SD Galaxy is the perfect choice. The Galaxy features a patented planetary gear and allows for maximum lift with minimum force. Whatever you choose you’ll have the comfort of knowing our SD series shades have been performed extremely well for many years in some of the toughest environments including schools, dormitories and other high use areas.

  • Affordable, quality shade
  • 10 year clutch warranty
  • Heavy duty chain hold down (optional)
  • Fascia (optional)
  • Dual-bracketing (optional)