Hospital privacy curtains are frequently and rapidly contaminated with potentially pathogenic bacteria

In September 2018, the American Journal of Infection Control released study results indicating that patient privacy curtains (also known as hospital cubicle curtains) often harbor harmful bacteria, including Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA)—a form of bacteria resistant to many antibiotics that can cause health issues such as skin infections and pneumonia. Authors of the study recommend cleaning or replacing curtains frequently to stave off the transmission of harmful bacteria.

Another study, published in the same journal in March 2012, revealed that 95% of curtains studied were contaminated with either MRSA or vancomycin-resistant enterococcus (VRE) on at least one occasion over a three-week period. Authors of this study also recommended intervention to reduce contamination.

MRSA Bacteria

MRSA Bacteria

Drapery Industries offers unique Solutions.

Our EPA registered SafeGrip™ wand is the first of its kind control wand and features our unique copper handle which kills 6 known pathogens (including MRSA) within two hours or less (and continuously kills without any added agents).

Our SafeGrip Wand is designed to reduce infection rates by providing an antimicrobial touch surface to open and close your privacy curtains. This patent pending device has the added benefit of reducing the ware and tear on your curtains while actually making it easier to open and close them.  View SafeGrip Fact Sheet

When combined with our SnapCubicle curtains, you now have an effective way to control the spread of infections through hospital cubicle curtains.

Our SnapCubicle curtain is a two part system which allows you to easily remove the fabric panel for laundering while leaving the mesh in place on the track. It provides a cost savings by allowing you to purchase only the components you need. Order replacement panels and mesh headers separately, instead of buying entire new curtain.  View SnapCubicle Fact Sheet