As 2016 quickly draws to an end we realize that we can’t close the books on this year without a short reflection on this milestone year for our company.

Back in 1966 two fellows, Herb Mock and Hy Arresty got the idea that Rochester needed a new drapery workroom. They carved out a niche, first by making draperies for Sibley’s and McCurdy’s and later by doing what so many small businesses did at the time; by serving the “Big Three” of Rochester – Kodak, Xerox and Bausch & Lomb.

When David and I purchased the company in the early 90’s we knew we had the bones of a good business. But after losing money in that first year we had to do some things differently. We started making lots more things like stage curtains, blinds, cubicle curtains and shades. We tapped into the collective talents of our company and we started to grow.

David and I know that we are fortunate to be where we are. We work with a great group of people. We get to be at a place where each day people are kind to each other, help each other and work together as a team to get things done.

Most of all, David and I feel very blessed. Because we know that we didn’t deserve any of this. It’s been a kind of a gift that we’ve been able to participate in. And it leaves us with a deep sense of gratitude. So to our family of workers, suppliers, customers and business partners we say
THANK YOU, and we extend to you our best wishes for your success, happiness and blessings too.

Mark & David