Drapery Industries was recently asked to help reduce the echo in a few large entertainment venues here in Western New York.

Each of the entertainment venues were experiencing unmanageable sound levels, with many complaints from customers. The Drapery Industries team developed a comprehensive plan to provide Velour curtains and track to strategic areas within the space.

Velour stage panels manufactured with the correct amount of fabric weight and fullness can immediately solve the sound problem. Velour fabrics are milled with a “nap or pile”. Put simply, the nap is the texture of the fabric and describes which way the fibers align. When you run your hand over a piece of velour fabric, you can feel a smooth or rough direction of the fabric.

Hard surfaces, angled walls, uncovered floors, and ceilings will result in sound echo and bounce.

By adding velour drapery panels in strategic locations, these sound echoes can be managed and eliminated. The strategic placement of curtains combined with the appropriate depth and weight of velour absorbs sound as it travels throughout a room.

To transform your entertainment venue into an acoustically refined space, reach out to Drapery Industries today for a personalized quote and take the first step towards enhancing your guests’ experience.