Our SnapCubicle® and SnapCubicle2® Curtain Systems Provide Real Benefits To Our Healthcare Customers

We work directly with designers and facility managers to standardize sizes and custom label curtains, making it easier for facility managers to stay organized, better manage their inventories, reduce attic stock and reduce waste. And fortunately, our healthcare customers can realize these benefits without having to invest in brand new curtains.

Drapery Industries, Inc. can convert existing standard cubicle curtains to SnapCubicle® or SnapCubicle2® curtains at a fraction of the cost of fabricating from scratch.

We recently had the opportunity to do so for the folks at Dana Farber Cancer Institute – Chestnut Hill. Drapery Industries, Inc. converted over 2300 linear feet of standard cubicle curtains to SnapCubicle® curtains for the 140,000 square foot facility. In the process, we standardized sizes to reduce attic stock and provided custom labels to simplify inventory management.

Are you a designer or facility manager and would like to find out more about our SnapCubicle® or SnapCubicle2® curtain systems? If so, please contact one of our project managers or click here to learn more.