Drapery Industries Meets Custom Drapery Needs of Our Customers

By Pam Dennis, Account Manager, Drapery Industries Inc 2/6/18

One thing that sets Drapery Industries apart is that we have a shop with skilled folks who make our products. This gives us the ability to customize the product to occasionally meet unusual requirements. If you have a specific need, we will work with you to problem-solve the solution!

custom draperyThis happened recently with a lab curtain needed by a researcher at the U. of R. We often make black vinyl lab curtains, usually with chain-weighted bottom hems and light-blocking valances. However, this researcher had specific requirements that called for another approach.The first step in the process was for us to sit down with our customer and listen carefully to what they were trying to accomplish.

We then offered the following solutions:

• The need was for fabric, not vinyl, for a confined space. We found a black inherently flame retardant fabric to fit the bill, and meet fire codes for the facility.

• Help to control the sound. We made the curtains “self-lined”, or double the thickness.

• Concern that the noise of the typical Velcro attachment between curtains would be noisy enough to distract from the research process. We provided a bi-pass track with overlapping curtains, to replace the Velcro.

• One end of the curtain is close to the entry door, which opens constantly. We attached the curtain to the adjacent wall, to keep it stationary.

All of these modifications added up to a great finished product and a satisfied customer.

We understand that ours is a detail business where little things can matter a lot. And because we have the ability to customize any project,we’re in a unique position to tell our customers “Sure, we can make that!”